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We pride ourselves in exceeding our clients expectations! We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality detailing services in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin.

You can expect friendly quality detailing at your home or office when you choose one of our detailing packages.

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Detailing FAQs

Car detailing is more time consuming, and we only use quality products when we detail your car, truck or SUV. Where some drive through car washes are done in less than 10 minutes, it can take us 15 minutes just to properly clean 1 wheel and tire.

100% it is! Detailing your vehicle is a great way to protect your investment, increase its resale value, and keep it looking its best.

This depends on how dirty your vehicle is as well as the size of it. A full detail inside and out can take about 4-5 hours.

Absolutely you should have your car detailed. Detailing your car before you sell it can make it possible to get more money for the sale. It also shows the new buyer, this vehicle was well taken care of.

We would never want you to use a drive through car wash. The large brushes scratching your paint as you drive through, make swirls in your paint and dulls the overall finish. When we detail your car, truck or SUV, we use soft microfiber wash mitts that get cleaned after each use. We also do a pre-wash foam bath on it to loosen up any dirt that is caked on your vehicle before we perform the contact wash.